April Events


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3 thoughts on “April Events

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  2. bleach ain’t got it goin’.! More frequent water chngeas might help,but most of these fish come from water that looks like that. I’m not saying you should leave it that way though, because the water gets that way in the Amazon from leaching through the leaf litter on the rain forrest floor. To clear the water try putting a large amount of charcoal in the filtration system somewhere. After about two weeks,repeat. I don’t like to run charcoal all of the time, but occasionally it’s a good thing. Of course use activated charcoal and rinse it well before adding to the tank. Oh yeah, if your filter system doesn’t provide a place for charcoal,just use a large media bag near the outfall of the filter. Hope this helps,good luck. PeeTeeTextbook of Fish Health revised and expanded ed.

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